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Who is Derek?

First, I would like to welcome you to my site… I do appreciate you taking the time in checking out my bio and getting to know me.

My story and finding a better way

Growing up mom played both roles …(mommy and daddy)…. to this day I wish her happy Father’s Day… We didn’t have much… but love outlasts money any day… Even though we didn’t have much… mom would always find agencies to adopt us around the holidays.

That’s why, when I become rich I’m going to adopt families.

As a kid, I had a passion for martial arts, football, and wrestling (loved Brett the Hitman Heart)! I played High School football and had a major crush on a cheerleader… Who went out with the star quarterback… You can imagine how our practices went.😂

I didn’t graduate because we moved around a lot, which made it hard to make friends and settle… Landed my

first job at 18 making 4.75 at Pizza Hut… I felt on top of the world. I was putting food on the table (free pizza)… my mom was proud… that’s all that mattered.

In my late 20’s I started training MMA… I got hurt and all my dreams of becoming an MMA fighter were shattered! I had an inner ear concussion that took time to recover from.

Been out of work for a few years… I don’t know how, or what to do. Days I would stare in the mirror saying, “This can’t be my life.” 

I finally got a job working in a mink factory, between the smell of dead animals and the pay, I couldn’t seperate which one was worse… To add fuel to the fire my boss and supervisor were from hell. My boss is complaining because I’m only making 800 minks a day. The quota is 1,000 a day. I WALKED out and never looked back!

One day I was on youtube in search of something. I started watching a video about affiliate marketing. Keep in mind; I knew nothing about marketing, I had to google the definition. The ad was about living life on your terms which resonated in my soul. I knew Six Figure Mentors was for me. With the value provided It wasn’t hard to see I WAS APART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL. Digital Education has opened my eyes to all sorts of opportunities. Six Figure Mentors 

My Family:

My parents (separated); I have one brother & two sisters (I’m the oldest) My Grandparents passed away and my dog after 20+ years.

Primary residency:

Seattle WA

My Market:

Anyone who’s ready to make a change

My Company:

Online Business Coach For Six Figure Mentors

Favorite Books:

The Bible

33 strategies of war

The Art of War

48 Laws of Power

Attraction Marketing

My Top 5 values (in no particular order) are:






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My Mission is you

My mission is to provide digital education and support on your journey for financial freedom.

If you’re serious about changing your life, I’ll commit to a long term business relationship. Understanding you’re a person with needs, not a commission! All and all, teamwork and team effort produce results. It’s about creating a culture with dedication and hard work ethic. Encouraging entrepreneurship and a “you can do it attitude.” This type of support and encouragement is essential for success!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford

Dedicated to your success,


Derek Damon…

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Digital Platform

“SFM really made me stop and ask the questions that needed to be asked, It’s more than just a business and training system, it’s a lifestyle program.”
-Marius Gabriel-

Create a life you deserve:

The life your passionate about is within reach! With the ability to live anywhere while earning a passive income from home. 

No stress and heavy overheads that come with a business start-up. Skills that’ll give you the confidence to step into any niche.

With the freedom to do your own thing whenever and wherever.

The secret to lifestyle freedom is this

  1. Automated business model
  2. Not needing a product
  3. Proven know-how system

Whether you’re retired. Still a student, a full-time employee, or stay at home parent. With today’s advanced technology you can start a business from your kitchen table…

With a proven simplified game-changing business model! No more needing a fortune to become a business owner! Start with a minimum investment… 

Work when it suits you. Choose your own hours and work from anywhere with only a laptop an internet connection.

How AWESOME is that! 

With the flexibility of working from home you can create a life of freedom around your responsibilities. 

You’re in control of time, not time controlling you…

Advantages you have:

  1. No technical skills needed
  2. Advance micro-learning techniques
  3. bite-size teachings to develop your skills on the go

If you have any technical issues or questions our friendly support-team are ready to help via Live Chat. 

I was having trouble with my DNS records with Microsoft 365. To make things more complicated… I didn’t have all the information needed.

The support-team were polite and very patient. The situation was handled and both sides were happy!

Building Relationships and Integrity:

Learn how to turn online traffic into actual friends. You’ll find none of the shady quick fix get rich schemes. 

Education and Tools:

Our digital platform does most of the work for you. We never stop fine-tuning this multi-million dollar platform to stay ahead of the curve!

You’ll acquire all the skills needed to start generating a passive income from home. 

All in one place step by step training! With a world-class toolbox! 

Six Figure Mentors digital platform is like a swiss army knife… Multiple tools at your fingertips.


Your kids mean the world! No need in missing out on them growing up. Working long hours with the hassle of finding a babysitter. Or trying to fit your schedule around your kids can be stressful. Most work from home opportunities either pay too little or seem to complex.

Employed or Self Employed:

Working as a full-time employee your job becomes a second home. No time to hunt around for different programs. Also, not having enough start-up capital to start a business from scratch… 

As a business owner your time is EVEN more limited!!!

  • office & warehouse rentals
  • Inventory & payrolls 
  • marketing & products

Things can become so overwhelming, that leveraging your skills for more success can seem impossible.

You may not be the office slave you once was, however, now you feel enslaved to your business.

Baby Boomers and Retired:

Layoffs and redundancy seem normal these days. Often employers would rather pay a youngsters who cost less. Sad, but true!  

With the cost of living being so expensive. A candy bar is $3.00. It’s hard to save money for the Golden Years. The nest egg is looking smaller and smaller.

As a retiree (or hoping to retire soon) If you’re looking for additional income opportunities, Six Figure Mentors is right for you!

The computer and internet skills your kids and grand-kids take advantage… 

(the net generation) seem like alien communication!

With step by step training, and your own personal business consultant. In addition to a wonderful community backing you. YOU CAN DO IT!

Graduates and Students:

As a student you’re racking up major debt for education… now comes the burden of finding a job. Things are more competitive in the real world than expected. Putting all your time and effort into education. And not finding the right job can be demoralizing.


As a graduate despite the pressure to get ahead. You’re not happy about being an office slave.

But, going back to school for more education isn’t affordable. Plus, who wants to go back to school?

You’re not sure what to do, however, being caged and bored isn’t in the picture.

Digital Lifestyle: 

Students come from all walks of life demonstrating no matter who you are success is within reach. 

The ultimate vision is to become the Uber of Education! Getting you where YOU need to go.

In the most convenient way possible!!!

Working whenever and however you choose!

DEA is designed for those looking to reach a higher level! The pinnacle of entrepreneurship. Being able to master your craft and have the confidence and skills to enter any niche.

Meet DEA Expert and Co-Founder Jay Kubassek. In this video he speaks about how being a person of value is vital in the digital arena!

I agree totally!

Real People…

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

Dedicated to your success…

Derek Stanley

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Digital Business System

Escape The 9 to 5 Rat Cage

It’s not about money It’s about “Freedom!”

Here’s your opportunity to get instant access to my mentor Stuart Ross and Six Figure Mentors. What I’m introducing you to without a doubt will change your life, like it has mine.

Imagine this…

Receiving a passive income from home with the flexibility that allows you real choices…

How would this make a difference in your life?

“Do You Know The Real Secret To
 Earning Money Online?” Are you ready?

There is no such thing as a secret or magic bullet to earning money online… Some GURUS may package information up and call it a SECRET or a magic bullet.

I like to call it a DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM…

  • That will Leverage your time 
  • Educate you
  • Run on autopilot

The SFM BUSINESS SYSTEM is not a get rich quick fix!

Where you can make $20,000 your first week… I can honestly tell you those get rich quick fixes don’t work… I’m embarrassed to say I tested a few. (yes I know, stupid!) and got burned…

I had thousands invested in USI-Tech… So, I do understand your skepticism. 

The reason why marketing scams backfire! The focus is always on how much money you can make! Instead of educating you on how to make money… Major difference…

Make Real Money Online

If you’re sick and tired of your current job… Working insanely long hours just to pay the bills… Click below

Digital business system

“The best part… I can work from anywhere in the world as I choose, I just take my laptop with me and I’m good to go… And I don’t have to ask a boss for permission.” ~Stuart Ross~