Who is Derek?

First, I would like to welcome you to my site… I do appreciate you taking the time in checking out my bio and getting to know me.

My story and finding a better way

Growing up mom played both roles …(mommy and daddy)…. to this day I wish her happy Father’s Day… We didn’t have much… but love outlasts money any day… Even though we didn’t have much… mom would always find agencies to adopt us around the holidays.

That’s why, when I become rich I’m going to adopt families.

As a kid, I had a passion for martial arts, football, and wrestling (loved Brett the Hitman Heart)! I played High School football and had a major crush on a cheerleader… Who went out with the star quarterback… You can imagine how our practices went.😂

I didn’t graduate because we moved around a lot, which made it hard to make friends and settle… Landed my

first job at 18 making 4.75 at Pizza Hut… I felt on top of the world. I was putting food on the table (free pizza)… my mom was proud… that’s all that mattered.

In my late 20’s I started training MMA… I got hurt and all my dreams of becoming an MMA fighter were shattered! I had an inner ear concussion that took time to recover from.

Been out of work for a few years… I don’t know how, or what to do. Days I would stare in the mirror saying, “This can’t be my life.” 

I finally got a job working in a mink factory, between the smell of dead animals and the pay, I couldn’t seperate which one was worse… To add fuel to the fire my boss and supervisor were from hell. My boss is complaining because I’m only making 800 minks a day. The quota is 1,000 a day. I WALKED out and never looked back!

One day I was on youtube in search of something. I started watching a video about affiliate marketing. Keep in mind; I knew nothing about marketing, I had to google the definition. The ad was about living life on your terms which resonated in my soul. I knew Six Figure Mentors was for me. With the value provided It wasn’t hard to see I WAS APART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL. Digital Education has opened my eyes to all sorts of opportunities. Six Figure Mentors 

My Family:

My parents (separated); I have one brother & two sisters (I’m the oldest) My Grandparents passed away and my dog after 20+ years.

Primary residency:

Seattle WA

My Market:

Anyone who’s ready to make a change

My Company:

Online Business Coach For Six Figure Mentors

Favorite Books:

The Bible

33 strategies of war

The Art of War

48 Laws of Power

Attraction Marketing

My Top 5 values (in no particular order) are: