The internet world

We live in a world that's ever-changing—yellow pages replaced by Google local and yelp. Digital apps (Pandora) replaced the radio. We look for Information on the internet instead of the newspaper. Digital streaming whipped out DVDs. Cable and television have evolved digitally—every second a new software introduced to the digital economy—Artificial intelligence learning and adapting … Continue reading The internet world

Monday the day of stress and depression!

Dear friend, Monday mornings can be very stressful. The thought of going back to work makes us cringe. Coming off a fabulous weekend stress levels are elevated. Even going back to school stress levels were high on Monday in recent studies. According to studies by Dr. Chancy Crandall, MD, having an extra day over the weekend made coming … Continue reading Monday the day of stress and depression!

Digital advertising

The world as we know it is moving towards advanced technology. With drones replacing delivery jobs, robots are the future. M-commerce breading digital entrepreneurs. Nowadays, it's about using the power of the internet.Digital evolution... Digital advertising from home Every business has a website or an internet presence. Large or small all companies have one thing … Continue reading Digital advertising

reflect over 2018

2019 is here! I'm sure everyone told you, "this is your year, I have the gift to get you started for 2019." However, are you ready to make the most out of 2019? First, take a second to reflect over 2018... Was 2018 a productive year? For me, In 2018 I didn't make as much money as … Continue reading reflect over 2018

New year failures

😅 Well, well, well. We're hours away from 2019, along come New Years Resolutions. I don't make New Years Resolutions, here's why! The success rate is slim. A gambler wouldn't bet on someone achieving their New Years Resolutions...😂 We know someone who says, I'm losing weight, but they're still overweight... Or that friend who says. … Continue reading New year failures

lifestyle by design

Time poverty: Living in a world with no time for yourself... Working long hours putting your life on hold, isn't what you call living your best life... Unconsciously, you neglect others, and yourself from a better quality of life. Running a business from home: Being a spouse, parent, and employee, involves wearing many hats. It's a … Continue reading lifestyle by design

Laptop Lifestyle

With a candy bar being $3.00 and the price of living rising every second, maintaining two jobs to survive, having an additional income to help your family thrive isn't a bad idea. The Digital World Leveraging the power of the internet A lot of us struggle to maintain balance because a 9 to 5 takes … Continue reading Laptop Lifestyle