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The world as we know it is moving towards advanced technology. With drones replacing delivery jobs, robots are the future. M-commerce breading digital entrepreneurs. Nowadays, it’s about using the power of the internet.

Digital evolution…

Digital advertising from home

Every business has a website or an internet presence. Large or small all companies have one thing in common, and that’s customers.

With over 2 billion people online daily, I feel that’s a great place to start advertising.

Imagine having a business open 24 hours, 365, with thousands of people outside wanting what you have to offer.

I think of Black Friday and the way people be fighting.😂

Hiring an online advertiser is essential because of the visibility marketers provide for a company.

That means, the increase in customer traffic, ultimately, bring companies more money.

Wouldn’t you hire someone who made you more money?

Advertising for a company on social media is a powerful strategy.

Billions of users are on social media daily…

With over one billion active on Facebook, more than 100 million people use Instagram every month.👀 

A million new social media users are born every day. In 2018 3.196 billion people were using social media.

13% uprise since `17.` People around the world spend 2 hours and 15 minutes every day on social media.

People Spend more time on social media than watching tv. 

People use Facebook while only 39% watch television. Here is the meat and potatoes!  Social media advertisement was at 51.3 billion in `18.`

Worldwide advertising reached 88 billion in` 17` majority coming from ad dollars.

Companies are evolving with the digital economy, as a result of millions of dollars generated around the world.

Worldwide spending reached 137.53 billion in just two years.

Surpassing T.V. advertising in the first six months in `18.`

  • Mobile video generated 6.7 billion in ad revenue
  • Digital audio advertised 1.6 billion in ad sales in 2017
  • Banner advertising 27.5 billion 67% coming from mobile

Google and Facebook capturing 90% of digital advertising. That’s huge for bussinesses looking to use digital networking platforms.

 Home business advertisement increased by 4% to 9.6 billion!
According to IAB’S reports.
This is awesome for stay at home entrepreneurs! There are 28 million small businesses worldwide, 534,000 open every month. 
With online advertising skyrocketing! Having the ability to market for companies is a unique skill-set.

Learn the skillset to advertise on social media

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Mainly, with online revenue reaching the trillions, having a digital marketing skill-set is vital if you want to succeed in the online arena. 

As a digital marketer, we’re selling convenience again, the average business owner is 50 years old,

and may not have the time, or want to learn the skill-set to advertise online.

Or maybe he/she is promoting the old way, that’s where we come in as marketers.

Learn the skill-set to start running social media marketing campaigns.

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Thank you for taking time in reading my blog… You keep me inspired…

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