Digital Distractions

Dear friend,

Do you remember the good ol’ days before internet and wifi? People genuinely connected? The only connection NOW is the internet! Nowadays, the bar scene looks like an internet cafe.

At home, things get worse! Family movie night turns into a scroll a thon. The living room is a stage for snapchat — everyone under hypnosis starring into the phone. I find myself scrolling on facebook for no reason at all.😂 

Social Media is the biggest DISTRACTION besides texting and driving. Both can be fatal!

Most of us deal with social media distractions. Facebook is digital “crack cocaine,” and your phone is the crack pipe!

Privacy should be the least of worries. 

What has been discovered millions check Facebook multiple times a day. I had 10,000 likes last year… I knew then, I was spending way too much time on facebook! 

What’s the reason for checking your facebook first thing in the morning?

  • facebook newsfeed
  • who won the game
  • who liked my post
  • I wonder what he or she is doing
  • Or no apparent reason at all

Checking a Facebook stat or a project in the morning could put you in a reactive state of mind. Let me explain, the first 45 minutes waking up your mind is fragile.

The news or a disagreement in the morning can determine the rest of your day!

Let’s say, your Facebook post or project didn’t get the response you intended; this could put you in a reactive state of mind.

Reactive state of mind definition:
Reactive state of mind, being responsive to what others say or might say about my work, reactive to other people’s opinion or judgment about my work.

I don’t watch the news first thing in the morning… The reason being the situation with the black males at Starbucks. Instantly I became angry!

Then, I started thinking of an unfortunate time I had at Starbucks, ruined my whole morning. 

Did you know frustration shuts down the thinking cortex of the mind?

Dealing with distractions: 

First, you must take command over your mornings. Starting your day on a positive note is essential.

First, I have a water bottle with gospel music playing… I’m feeding my soul and my body at the same time.  Afterward, I have a 10-minute workout to get the blood flowing; then I listen to motivational speeches while making breakfast.

I feel mentally stronger when I stick with my morning routine… 

Being distracted stop our productivity! While our dreams and goals start to deteriorate. I’m not saying delete your facebook account or break your smartphone.😂 However, be aware of neglecting others and yourself… 

Thank you for reading my blog.

Dedicated to your success,

Derek Damon…

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