Mondays are killing people!

In one study by researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia, researched how people feel on Monday mornings. Although, there wasn’t much difference in actual moods reported from day to day. People recalled hitting a low point on Monday. GOING TO A JOB, THEY DIS-LIKE. 

How do you feel on Monday mornings? 

Monday stands out as the day for returning to work after the weekend. We tend to associate weekends, holidays, and vacations with fun. However, related to work as bondage. In my opinion, the Monday blues is real! You get a glimpse of freedom over the weekend, then your freedom snatched, and it’s back to work

The reason for the thick cloud of depression on Monday Mornings.🤣

Several studies also show that suicide rates peak on Monday. This day keeps getting better and better.🤣 Numerous studies have also demonstrated a spike in cardiovascular risks on Monday.

This day sees more heart attacks, strokes, and sudden cardiac deaths than any other day of the week.


The natural explanation is that the stress of returning to work is enough to give some people a heart attack. WOW! People hate their jobs so much it’s killing them. Another study showed that the peak in heart attacks disappeared on Monday mornings that were holidays and vacations, interesting?

The pain of living an unfulfilled life is killing us. Studies have shown it’s not the day in itself that’s killing us, but doing something you’re not passionate about, can be detrimental to our health. Stress, high blood pressure, and weight gain are all killers. I’m not saying, working leads to these problems, however, if you’re going to a situation that makes you feel miserable, get out! It’s about being happy and living life to the fullest on your terms.

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