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Time poverty:

Living in a world with no time for yourself... Working long hours putting your life on hold, isn’t what you call living your best life…

Unconsciously, you neglect others, and yourself from a better quality of life.

Running a business from home:

Being a spouse, parent, and employee, involves wearing many hats. It’s a juggling act to manage home, family, and work. Our digital platform is perfect for you.

Allowing the freedom to work from anywhere at any time… At a kids practice, early before the kids get up… While it’s nap time or doing homework…

Having flexibility requires less of an investment in both time and money than what a job demands…

Whether, you’re looking to start a business from home, or desire to bring out a product. You may have a financial need, want more travel time — all reasons to join Six Figure Mentors.

What is SFM?

Six Figure Mentors is a digital education platform that teaches marketing strategies.

With over 10,000+ marketing training programs. 

Chances are, you had no idea there are people just like you, practicing these simple yet effective strategies, creating a passive income from home.

See that tall, handsome gentleman in the front. That’s Justin Wolf; he’s a SFM coach. He charges $1,000 an hour. Some people don’t make that in a week.

By becoming a member, you get access to his marketing training. 💪🏾😎…

What’s especially GREAT about learning with the SFM is, being equipped with a skill-set that allows you to step into any niche with confidence. 

With the world moving toward sophisticated software and M-commerce the way of the future, digital education is crucial for our survival for the future.

Learn more!

Worldwide marketing revenue:

  • 1.471 trillion in 2017 a 20% increase over the last year
  • online sales in 2018 2.356 trillion
  • on average $1,000 a month

If those numbers don’t excite you nothing will! The growth rate shows more people are turning away from traditional business practice and evolving with the digital economy…

It’s a great time to start an online business. Don’t worry about a fancy-pants degree.

All you need is the determination to rule over your life.


With the right strategies and mentoring 


Laptop Lifestyle…

Learn marketing strategies that allows you to create better opportunities in life. Not just for you, but others around you also.

I’d love to set up a chat to learn more about your goals… Skype@Derek_Stanley. Thank you for taking the time reading my blog. Your time is appreciated.

Thanks, you’re appreciated…

Dedicated to your success,

Derek Stanley

SFM Student/Online Business Coach….


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