Monday the day of stress and depression!

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Monday mornings can be very stressful. The thought of going back to work makes us cringe. Coming off a fabulous weekend stress levels are elevated. Even going back to school stress levels were high on Monday in recent studies.

According to studies by Dr. Chancy Crandall, MD, having an extra day over the weekend made coming back to work more stressful.
Going back to work after vacation the stress level was more significant, than coming back from a typical day off. 
How do you feel coming from a vacation or going to work after the holiday season? 
If work or school is unpleasant, getting up starting the day can be extremely difficult. Even those who like their job or school—found going on a Monday still irritating. 

Can monday really cause death?

According to another study By Dr. Chauncy Crandall, at the Toyoko Women’s Medical University. One hundred seventy-five men & woman were hooked up to blood pressure monitors for a week.

No surprise!

The highest blood pressure readings came on a Monday returning back to work! 👀 The ones that didn’t go to work on Monday blood pressure was normal.

Another interesting study, 20% more heart attacks occur on Monday. Switching from living life on your terms… To work… is enough to give some people a heart attack!

To sum things up!

Living an unfulfilled life is killing us. However, in my opinion, we give too much power to the day. (Monday)… The problem is doing something you’re not passionate about. Putting your life on hold for a boss that’s the problem.

Studies show doing something that makes you unhappy is detrimental to your health!

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