New year failures


Well, well, well. We’re hours away from 2019, along come New Years Resolutions. I don’t make New Years Resolutions, here’s why! The success rate is slim. A gambler wouldn’t bet on someone achieving their New Years Resolutions…😂

We know someone who says, I’m losing weight, but they’re still overweight… Or that friend who says. I’m quitting smoking, but they’re still smoking.

Being active in 2019 starts now! Developing daily success habits by creating morning rituals and writing down goals for yourself.

Why so many never follow through? 

You don’t go to the gym once a year to develop a fantastic body! Can’t shoot a 3 pointer every so often and expect Steph Curry range.

The same for New Years Resolutions! You can’t set goals once a year and expect this ultimate lifestyle!!! Start with being positive in 2019… Your state of mind will carry you! Having a positive mental attitude leads to being successful…

No need for a hangover and a big celebration to change your life… Wishful thinking only gets you excited… Again, it’s about rituals and daily success habits… Start your year off right with the blueprint for success! Click below…

Just do the thing every day….

Happy New Years!

SFM Student/Online business coach

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