The Company Drone

“What am I doing with my life? Am I living it, or am I going to some humdrum job I don’t want to be at? Doing some small task getting paid to be a mindless drone. Or am I out there living life on my terms? The way I want to live! Doing the things that I want to do!”

The Company Drone:

I’m at a red light in downtown Seattle. I noticed people scrolling on their phones walking in a robotic formation. Some were speed walking, others walking like zombies. You could tell everyone dreaded going to work; it was a Monday morning I might add.

For the sake of argument, we’re all mindless drones in some way, at a job waiting for a command. Agree? 

What’s orientation? The company is training you to think as the company does. My orientation was like talking to a robot! 😂 My instructor didn’t take a breath. The speech seemed pre-recorded. (seriously)…

Very noticeable the speech was said a million times with no feelings. It was horrible! I started to wonder… does he talk to his wife like this?😂 He’s the definition of a company drone. It’s no ones’ fault. We’re taught by our parents to get a job and go to college.

Also, society limits us from entrepreneurial-ship.

I was at a party rentals shop, and everyone looked related… I was thinking; the owner made sure he created a culture…😂 Jobs like to keep us the same, caged in, with a one track mind, putting our dreams on hold in the process, only to make another person dreams a reality.

This doesn’t apply to the 5%… (Entrepreneurs)… we’re meant for a life of FREEDOM… Doing WHAT WE WANT… WHEN WE WANT! With digital education, you create your opportunities. (Entrepreneurial-ship)… Instead of a company creating opportunities for you. Meet founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbassek.

Learn key marketing strategies that allow you to run a business from your kitchen table. 

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