The internet world

We live in a world that’s ever-changing—yellow pages replaced by Google local and yelp. Digital apps (Pandora) replaced the radio. We look for Information on the internet instead of the newspaper.

Digital streaming whipped out DVDs. Cable and television have evolved digitally—every second a new software introduced to the digital economy—Artificial intelligence learning and adapting every minute. Drones and robots are expected to replace a majority of delivery jobs.

M-commerce is becoming the way entrepreneurs do business.

All and all, the world is defiantly moving towards advanced software.

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You can expect a 5g network that’s supposed to be 1,000 times faster than 4g. With a 1ms latency. (100 times less latency)…

Meaning, greater speed capabilities to move more data, and networks will be more responsive.


This high powered internet service will be the driving force for Artificial Intelligence and driverless cars. All need high-speed data for public networks. I read an article that stated, Artificial Intelligence will wipe out 40% of jobs in the next 15 years. SCARY!

When technology evolves, advertising evolves.

Worldwide online sales are reaching the trillions. Companies are evolving with the digital economy ditching traditional television.

Streaming the preferred way the conclusion is—Tv is digital. Sixty million US households owned at least one smart Tv in 2018.

At no surprise, advertising is jumping on the digital bandwagon. Tv ads are declining while digital ads skyrocket!

Social media advertising reached 51.3 billion USD for 2018. Snap Inc alone had 61 million daily users—averaging 3 minutes of use.

Programmatic marketing

For 2019 65% of digital media will be programmatic.

Programmatic marketing—the ability to show an ad to a specific customer in a particular context.

Being able to sell an experience in your ad campaign is a valuable skill-set. The ability to hook customers in your ad puts you ahead of the game.

Companies are looking for a specific audience. Example, you wouldn’t offer a sports enhancement drink, for someone looking to buy shoes.

Another example, targeting an 18-35 female vs a 40-year-old woman who lives in Dallas, who’s married, searching online how to advertise her small business. Who would you choose as a marketer?

(Target marketing)…

Marketing is a people based approach, which gives us the ability to target audiences across a network of sites. The ability to advertise across multiple platforms makes you a valuable asset for companies.

Digital education

Here’s the secret to the billion dollar pie, ready? Digital education and taking action. That’s it!

With ad sales reaching the billions! Digital marketing is an excellent skill-set to have. Having the ability to bring a company customers makes you a valuable asset.

Six Figure Mentors offer over 10,000+ digital training sessions. You can also learn how to become a certified digital marketer online.

With the world gravitating towards sophisticated software! Digital education is crucial if you want to survive in the digital economy.

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