The power of the internet!

Are you looking to start an online business? That’s great! Because you’re someone that knows the power of the internet.

Online business vs Traditional business 

Traditional start-up according to the small business administration. 

It cost a person over $50,000 for the average start-up for business➖most using their hard-earned savings or borrowing from a bank to get started.

Then take into consideration hiring an accountant, inventory and heavy overheads. Let’s not forget the marketing side of things also.

To pour salt in the wound!

It takes a 3-5 year commitment to break even according to the Business Administration. You can see why 90% of business owners fail in a few years.

Digital evolution

On May 12, `2015,` story CNBC calls online companies Industry Disrupters. 

Not familiar with the term? You’ve heard of Uber and Amazon.

Uber reshaped the car sharing industry with the use of internet and technology.

Creating a more active & faster way to commute. As a result, making it hard for cab companies to keep up.

Amazon shut down a lot of traditional companies. By reaching millions of people across the world, enabling you to shop without leaving your home.

Also, Amazon has business opportunities in addition to, commercial-free music and movies from anywhere in the world.

Leveraging the power of the internet!

Simplified business model

Six Figure Mentors is a traditional business model worse nightmare. Like how Amazon is to Walmart.

Creating an automate simplified training, that teaches you how to make money from your kitchen table.

It doesn’t cost a fraction of what traditional businesses cost — no need for a website or product. 

We provide a link generator so that you can create professional links for your business.

I look at the SFM as a digital swiss army knife, having multiple tools at your fingertips. 

Become a CEO,000 from home without having a staff. From anywhere in the world by leveraging the power of the internet.

Enjoying more success with less hassle ultimately, developing multiple income streams with less effort than starting a business from scratch.

Six Figure Mentors.

Thank you,

Derek Damon

SFM student/Online business coach

Dedicated to your success

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