The War Within!

Remember being a kid full of dreams and ambition? I wanted to be a Kung fu master and football player… 

Remember also having an excellent timeline for your life — a home by this age, married by this time.

A fancy car, with the picket fence and dog.

The reason for this personal ambition is, we all have an inner blueprint for an ultimate lifestyle! 

All of us have talent, dreams; businesses buried deep down inside us! 

Les Brown said, “The graveyard is full of dreams.” 

The graveyard is one of the wealthiest places in the world.

It’s not about the day in itself (Monday) or going to work. You feel grumpy because your dreams are at war with your reality!

You’re creating A BATTLE WITHIN!

It’s a constant battle of tug war between your living situation and your dreams!

The problem is your not meeting your expectations. You’ve lost contact with your inner child.

Who had a great life thought out!!!

The battle beats on you over time in my opinion…

Not acting fast enough your living situation wins the battle. 

You start believing your environment and stop caring!

Even worse, that dream goes dormant and you die with it.

My friend and I were having a conversation, and the topic of him loving sailboat racing came up.

Not knowing I asked, when are you going again? His expression changed like someone died.

😣 He replied, “I don’t have the time anymore!”

How many of us are like my friend Bruce? We don’t have the time to live the life we deserve.

We’re in a constant war with reality and our dreams. You can’t allow yourself to die with your passion.

I’ve met people who’ve regretted not doing the things they wanted to do.

An unfortunate moment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. You’re the reason I write!

Dedicated to your success,


SFM Student

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