Trapped in a JOB!

Wake up, work, pay bills. Most of us live this perpetuated lifestyle. 

We miss out on our kids growing up!

Deprived of doing the things we love doing.

Forced in a time-stricken world where it’s work, work, work! Enslaved to a time clock.

After putting in 8-12 hours now comes the long commute.

Whatever energy was left has been zapped out of you! Don’t be a single parent; it’s like going to a second job.

No time for yourself, let alone someone else. By the time you finally settle it’s time for bed.

The moment your eyes close the alarm clock is going off.

Now comes the long stare at the wall.

The negotiator inside gives you every reason not to get up!

When I get up for work, I always say,

”here we go again.” 😆

However, it isn’t funny at the time!

I was sitting in the lunchroom, I asked a coworker when was he retiring?

His face dropped! At least 15 more years he replied. He stared at his lunch with a confused daze!

Sad… It was so bad I wanted to apologize for asking.

It’s disheartening doing something every day that you’re not passionate about!


The insane part about this! We’re expected to work 35 to 45 years.

To only make someones else dream come true, really👀

Then retire, fight for our social security and have all our money go bills and medical expenses!

My Stepdad started working at 16.

When he retires, he’ll receive $2,000 a month. That barely covers rent!

Have you thought about the word retired?

The prefix re- means over and over.

Tired means ➖to be exhausted and have all your energy depleted!


You’ll be tired over and over again in retirement.

Even more ridiculous!🤔

Companies expect your soul in return for a paycheck which is CRAZY if you ask me!

My motivation for this newsletter is the job I’m currently working!

The company doesn’t expect you to have a life outside of work. I haven’t had time to write in 3 weeks.


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