Trapped in a JOB!

Wake up, work, pay bills. Most of us live this perpetuated lifestyle. 

We miss out on our kids growing up, living deprived of doing the things we love doing.  Forced in a time-stricken world where it’s work, work, work! 

Companies expect your soul in return for a paycheck, which is CRAZY if you ask me! My motivation for this newsletter is the job I’m currently working!

The company doesn’t expect you to have a life outside of work. I haven’t had time to write in 3 weeks. My job is the definition of putting your life on hold to make a company richer! Even scarier, you’re expected to work 20 to 40 more years until you retire.

Have you ever thought about the word retired? Let’s break it down. The prefix re-means again and again. We all know what the word tired means. You’ll be tired over, and over!

It’s funny how life has different levels. One person is stepping onto a private jet, another stepping into a job he or she hates.

What’s holding you back?

Doubt, fear, laziness. Having NO ambition cripples most. However, not being apart of a culture is a primary reason people don’t succeed. Yes! We all want to make money but, if you don’t have the support on your journey, what’s the point of your path?

Having mentoring of like-minded individuals is HUGE on your journey for financial independence!

“It’s about being equipped with a skill-set that allows you to scape the 9 to 5 rut.”

I could be marketing to any niche, but I choose you. Someone stuck in a job feeling unhappy. I know the feeling trust me! The reason you feel unfulfilled is that you have a blueprint for greatness, and when you don’t meet this internal standard, it creates inner conflict. Here’s a blog I wrote on this subject.

But it still takes action!

Thank you for taking the time reading my blog. Every view keeps me motivated; every signup inspires me.

Learn to hire yourself!

Derek Stanley

SFM Student/Online Business Coach

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