What are you thankful for?

Dear friend,

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in your part of the world, I still find it essential to have an attitude of thankfulness… I want to share the reasons why I’m so thankful this morning. 

I’ve seen people homeless with no family… I have been homeless and slept in abandoned houses. At one point I lived in my car… I’ve lived in a homeless shelter with the smell of urine. I’ll never forget waking up in a homeless shelter standing in line for breakfast! 
A very depressing moment! 

Most people focus on square foot. I focus on having a roof over my head. My friend lost his mom and grandma; he’d give up everything to have them both back. There are troops all over the world missing their loved ones this morning. 

I told my mom this moment is priceless cooking Thanksgiving dinner together… You can’t put a price tag on learning a family recipe with someone you love. 
Life can bring you so low you’ll appreciate a flower on the ground. Life is too short to be holding grudges and living ungratefully. Are you thankful this morning?

Dedicated to your success!

Derek Stanley

SFM Student/Online Business Coach

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